Are Travelers In Favor of the De-Standardization of the Hotel Industry?

No vacation is quite like another, so why should your hotel accommodations be the same regardless of where you go? While franchise hotel chains focus on creating a “cookie-cutter” experience for travelers no matter where they go, is it really what we want from our hotel suites?

According to our most recent survey, “cookie-cutter” accommodations may no longer be cutting it with travelers. In fact, 44% of everyone we surveyed said they would rather seek out the unique travel accommodations in their destination than settle for the standard.


Many travelers are in search of exploration, interaction and experience when it comes to their hotel accommodations. Follow along as we explore some of the latest trends that are promising to shape the hotel industry as we move forward.

Younger Generations Pushing Hotels Beyond the Standard

Recent years have seen a new definition emerge for what it truly means to be a boutique hotel. So, why the big push for boutique hotels? One possible reason for the shift from lifestyle to boutique hotels can be the rising demand. According to our survey, the youngest generations of travelers are leading the way in the growing demand for unique hotel accommodations.

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As younger travelers continue to push the envelope for more unique hotel accommodations, it’s no wonder that many of the big hotel brands are starting to enter the boutique industry. In fact, research giant IBISWorld expects the industry to continue to grow as more and more consumers continue looking for unique lodging.

So what can we expect as travelers move away from standardization in favor of experiential travel, follow along as we explore just a small sampling of the ways that independent boutique hotels are breaking the mold when it comes to your travel accommodations.

A Unique & Curated Hotel Experience

Standardization is out, and curated experiences are in. Rather than just a break from the mundane, hotel guests are increasingly in search of high-impact experiences that add to value to their vacation. In lieu of the one-size-fits-all hotel room solution, guests are increasingly in search of the differences in hotels that can lead to new adventures and even the unexpected when it comes to their vacations.

Some could even argue that accommodations are becoming more important than the destination itself, and independent boutique hotels are making a strong push in catering to each of every guest’s individual wants, needs, tastes and personality. With smaller capacities, a boutique hotel staff is always happy to help you in any means necessary while going above and beyond the standard concierge services.


Above all else, a boutique hotel is small – many feature less than 150 room capacity. Due to its intimate size, boutique hotels are able to set up shop in prime city real estate. Surrounded by the city, boutique hotels offer some of the most convenient accommodations that reflect the unique urban flavor and atmosphere like no other.

A Local Focus

Authenticity has become a power player for many hotels, as guests focus on finding a hotel that truly speaks to its surroundings. Local rules when it comes to boutique hotel accommodations. Through local art, music acts, food and design that reflects the city surroundings, many boutique hotels are finding new ways to create genuine experiences that parallel life, culture and atmosphere of the city surrounding them.

Advanced Amenities

Technology has already changed the way we travel, so it’s only natural that it starts to alter our accommodations as well. In-room touchscreen controls, spacious floorplans, mobile booking and check-ins, fully equipped business centers and other up-to-the-minute gadgets are helping to set the new standard when it comes to in-room amenities.

Lobbies That Come to Life

You never get a second chance at a first impression. That being said, more hotels are recognizing just how important an entrance lobby can be for their guest. Boutique hotel lobbies are evolving to much more than a concierge stand and front desk.

Instead, added emphasis on creative space segmentation and social encounters have transformed the lobby of old into something entirely different. Rather than a stop before you reach your room, lobbies have evolved to become highly social areas that provide guests with the complete eat, work and play experience. The modern lobby is no longer a quiet room with a couple of couches, but rather a lively collaborative space that creates a living & breathing atmosphere throughout the hotel.

The future of hotels appears extremely promising for travelers. Give yourself the ultimate getaway and have a hotel experience centuries above the rest by booking your downtown Atlanta accommodations at the Ellis Hotel. Hip, stylish and creative in every aspect, the Ellis Hotel is helping to redefine the boutique hotel experience. Let our friendly staff show you how the Ellis Hotel is transforming the industry one guest at a time.

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