Top Trends of Boutique Hotels

Whether it is for their stylish interior, exceptional attention to service or more intimate sizing, boutique hotels are becoming widely popular, springing up in urban city centers that place their guests closer to a city’s culture points than ever before.

With many boutique hotels holding an independent status, they are often more quick to adapt to the latest trends and technologies out there, giving them an edge up on their franchise and chain hotel counterparts. With the rise in popularity of boutique hotels, key trends have popped up within the industry that helps a boutique hotel stand out from their competitors, boutique and franchise alike.

Current Trends

Many of the boutique hotels today are able to separate themselves from their franchise counterparts by providing some of the latest technologies available to their guests. Many boutique hotels feature free Wi-Fi as a standard service, as well as equipping their rooms with LCD televisions and having state-of-the-art meeting rooms and business centers. With each amenity, a boutique hotel aims to improve the overall practicality and user-friendliness for their guests.

Additionally, many of the top boutique hotels aim to provide an environmentally friendly experience for their guests. Many boutique hotels aim to decrease their carbon footprint by serving local, seasonal foods to their guest while letting visitors control their own energy usage within their room. Some boutique hotels even offer “fresh-air” floors that give their guests the benefits of purified air throughout the floor.

To bring a true sense of local living and flavors to their guests, many boutique hotels outsource their food and beverage facilities, bringing in some of the top chefs and bartenders from their respective city to help their guests gain an increased appreciation for the city while experiencing local flavors.

Future Trends

Boutique hotels aim to provide a unique experience for their thrill seeker guests, making the outlook for the industry’s future filled with limitless potential and excitement. Hotel experts and guests alike feel that one of the top ways that boutique hotels hope to improve their experience is to connect locally even further. By encouraging the interaction and socialization of their guests, a boutique hotel can provide a unique experience to both its visitors and local residents alike.

With their independent nature, boutique hotels are expected to continue to respond and act based upon the feedback from their guests as well as current industry trends. Boutique hotels not only make serving their guests their number one priority, they also encourage feedback to better make improvements and grow their customer loyalty.

Boutique hotels are always finding innovative ways to bring new amenities and experiences to their guests. From the personalized service of their staff to their unique list of amenities and offerings, the Ellis Hotel in downtown Atlanta provides guests with a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, let the Ellis take care of your downtown Atlanta accommodations.

Top Trends of Boutique Hotels

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