Spending a Day at Stone Mountain Park

A visit to Stone Mountain Park is a unique way to experience Georgia history and nature that you won’t want to skip out on while visiting the great city of Atlanta. Just a short drive from your downtown Atlanta accommodations, Stone Mountain Park offers a number of attractions that make it the perfect place to spend the day with the family. The focal point of the park is, of course, Stone Mountain, a massive quartz rock that features the largest bas-relief in the world. Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, three key figures from the American Civil War are depicted in the carving.

Easily accessible from any hotels in Atlanta and offering over 3,200 acres of natural beauty, it’s little wonder that Stone Mountain Park is amongst Georgia’s most popular attractions. Here are just a few of the lovely attractions and features that park has to offer.

Exploring Some of Stone Mountain Park Top Attractions

Stone Mountain Park is full of fun things for the entire family. Head out from your downtown Atlanta accommodations and enjoy the fresh air and all the beautiful surroundings that fill the park.

  • Take a Ride on the Summit Skyride

It probably won’t come as a surprise that the top attraction in Stone Mountain Park is the Summit Skyride. Hop aboard this high-speed Swiss cable car and you’ll quickly be treated to some of the most spectacular views of the park, the city skyline and the great Appalachian Mountains in the distance.

  • Stroll Through the Stone Mountain Museum

Stone Mountain has long served as a sacred ground, a landmark, refuge, meeting place and home to countless of people over the years. Learn all about this amazing place, its history and take a journey back in time with a visit to the Stone Mountain Museum. With over 12,000 artifacts ranging from ancient civilizations to present day, the museum provides guests with a crash course on the history of the site.

  • Take a Ride on the Ducks

If you’re not too keen on learning history in the museum, why not take a thrilling adventure ride aboard The Ducks. These 1940s era Army DUKWs have been specially converted to help you explore the park from both land and sea, as your captain regales you with fascinating facts, funny stories, music and so much more as you head out for a cruise on Stone Mountain Lake.

  • Scenic Train Ride

Head over to the Train Depot and take a scenic train ride around the mountain in a full-size locomotive from the 1940s. The five-mile journey takes around 25 – 30 minutes and allows visitors to catch spectacular views and Stone Mountain and the surrounding landscape.

  • Explore from the SkyHike

For a unique, once in a lifetime trek through the treetops, check out SkyHike, one of the nation’s largest family adventure courses. There are a number of different trails at various heights to choose from, and no two are quite the same! Hop from one suspended wooden bridge to the next and take a balance challenge on the ropes.

  • Stone Mountain Laser Show & Mountain Vision

Get ready to ‘ooh’ and ‘awe’ at the amazing fireworks and laser light display. During the laser light show, images of the Deep South and Georgia history are displayed along the side of the mountain while fireworks, flashing lights and fire effects fill the air.

  • Antebellum Plantation & Crossroads

Step into the past and explore the lovely collection of historic buildings that have been relocated to the park. Three full Georgia plantation manor houses from 1794, 1850 and 1845, as well as two slave cabins, a barn and other builders, offer visitors a glimpse into what life was like centuries ago. The Crossroads is a recreation of an 1872 southern town, but you’ll find some upgrades from this century including a modern 4-D movie theater, a miniature golf course as well as a number of stores and restaurants.

  • Stone Mountain Trails

Stone Park is full of fun adventures for the family, but it’s also simply a beautiful place to be. Take a walk on one of the many trails in the park and be awed by mother nature. You can walk to the top of the mountain for great panoramic views, or stay on the ground exploring the Garden Loop and Songbirds Habitat Trail.

Get More out of Your Getaway By Booking Atlanta Accommodations Around Stone Mountain Events

Throughout the year, Stone Mountain Park plays host to several festivals and special events. Whether you’re in town for the nation’s top arts and crafts gathering with the Yellow Daisy Festival or explore Atlanta’s official winter wonderland at Snow Mountain, Stone Mountain Park is always filled with nonstop adventure and excitement.

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