What sets Boutique Hotels Apart from the Rest

While nearly every small hotel seems to toss around the term “boutique” when it refers to their services, not many guests actually know what the term means. Unlike their luxury and franchise counterparts, boutique hotels are clearly defined, with elements and amenities that set them apart from the rest.

Intimate Size

The primary feature of any boutique hotel is its smaller size. Many travel professionals agree that to qualify as a boutique hotel, the hotel should be no bigger than 125 rooms. The intimidate size of the hotel allows guests of a boutique hotel the chance to experience a more personal atmosphere and ambiance, while still receiving many of the same amenities offered in bigger hotels. While some feel that the smaller size puts these boutique style hotels at a disadvantage, their size actually allows boutique hotels to offer more personalized attention and services.

Many boutique hotels strive to present a one-of-a-kind experience for its guests, often either independently owned or a separate wing of a large hotel brand. Regardless of status, boutique hotels feature a more exclusive identity that separates them from their corporate counterparts. ip address . Generally, a small hotel means better and more personalized service, helping you make the most of your stay and enjoy the luxury of being personally pampered.

Urban Spirit

Due to their smaller size, boutique hotels place visitors in the metropolitan-center locations, making the city your playground for your stay at a boutique hotel. Often times, a boutique hotel will adapt the contemporary vibe of its urban surroundings,  boasting designer and customized décor to fit within the city’s culture and feel.

Boutique hotels offer an eccentric alternative to the standard hotel accommodations. Using daring décor, rebellious room details and a light-hearted spirit, boutique hotels can offer guests a surprising and whimsical stay.

When it comes to dining, boutique hotels are able to offer some of their location’s finest cuisine. Often times, boutique hotels are notorious for their in-house restaurants and bars that draw interest from both guests and locals alike. The restaurants often feature a menu filled with local specialties as well as lounges that play host to local entertainment acts, providing your stay with a taste of the city.

The Ellis Hotel is downtown Atlanta’s premier boutique hotel, bridging the city’s past and present together like no other hotel in the city. Accommodations at the boutique hotel offers a unique alternative to the cookie-cutter hotel stay, bring you the best in Atlanta food, entertainment, style and much more.  Call 877.211.2545 today to book your stay at the boutique hotel in downtown Atlanta.

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