Pampering For Your Vacation

You work hard, so you deserve to play hard too! That being said; your vacation time away from the daily grind should have some relaxation mixed in as well. If you have an upcoming vacation, consider reserving a room in one of the luxury boutique hotels in Atlanta—which offer the pampering and relaxing activities and services below.

In-House Services

When booking your hotel, ask the concierge what additional amenities and in-room services you can enjoy. While room service is a given, many hotels offer additional amenities such as:

Luxury Bathroom Features –Lookfor your hotel to offer a luxury bathroom within the comfort of your room. From limestone tiling and granite countertops to high performing showerheads, your hotel’s bathroom provides a quick and easy way to relax and unwind.

Personal Training—If you prefer to work out one-on-one, inquire whether or not personal training is available. This could be anything from a traditional workout to Pilates, or yoga.

Top Professional Chefs—Opt for a romantic dining experience just a short walk from your room. Many hotels offer the services of some of the area’s top chefs within their on-site restaurants. The evening can include wine tasting from local wines found in downtown Atlanta.

Spa Treatments

Many of the nice hotels in Atlanta have in-room spa services or provide spa discounts to a nearby Atlanta spa. Spa treatments are the perfect way to pamper yourself while on vacation. Some treatments to consider are:

Massage—Opt for a relaxing Swedish massage, a stress and tension relieving deep tissue massage, or balancing acupressure.

Mani/Pedi—Even if you get mani and pedis all year-round, vacation is the perfect time to splurge and upgrade your services. Instead of opting for a standard mani/pedi—take a look at the specialty services such as paraffin, added foot, leg, hand, and shoulder massage, or pedicures with luxurious ingredients such as pumpkin or a grape seed mask.

Facial—A facial is an excellent way to deeply cleanse and tighten your pores. Opt for a custom facial, or select a facial that addresses your most pressing needs.

Steam, Sauna, or Whirlpool—Sneaking in even 5 or 10 minutes in a relaxing steam room, sauna or whirlpool will help to ease tense muscles—and cleanse your body of toxins.

Spa Package—For a full day of pampering and relaxation, ask the spa what packages they currently offer for their hotel guests. Hotel guest often have access to specialty packages that allow for a multitude of services at a discounted rate.

Specialty Excursions

When booking your hotel, don’t forget to ask what type of specialty excursions the hotel has available to you. This could be anything from a chauffeured wine tasting in downtown Atlanta, a guided tour of local boutiques, or historic sites. Some hotels may even offer custom excursions designed to your personal preference and liking.

Whether you are taking a long weekend or a full week off in Atlanta—squeezing in some time to personalize your trip with the pampering activities and services above can make your vacation feel even more rewarding.

At the Ellis Hotel in downtown Atlanta, we help every guest make the most of their vacation while providing them with all the relaxation and pampering amenities they desire. At The Ellis, our friendly staff works to ensure that our guests are offered every imaginable form of modern comfort possible. From social areas, extremely comfortable bedding, exquisite in-house dining and in-room spa services, and a partnership with a fitness club that offers sauna, steam and pilates. Let the Ellis cover all of your personal pampering needs and book your stay today!

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