New Service Trends in the Hotel Industry

Hotels are constantly searching for ways to improve their guest’s experience. In fact, many hotels are looking to WOW their guests with their innovative amenities. These include amenities that provide the comforts of home, as well as amenities that provide the luxury comforts of a vacation. Whether the goal is primarily for comfort or convenience, many of the boutique hotels in Atlanta are hopping on the new service trends below.

More Than Just Pet-Friendly

It used to be that finding a hotel that accepted pets proved to be quite a challenge. Even if you could find a hotel that accepted pets, there were often additional fees, strict rules—and it was clear that your pet was only being tolerated. However, the hotel industry is now acknowledging that pets are more than just pets—but a true member of the family. It is for this reason that many trendy hotels in Atlanta have drastically revised their policies regarding pets. Not only are pets allowed in most hotels, but they are welcomed with open arms. Many boutique hotels in Atlanta are now allowing pets, and even provide special amenities for your furry friends.


It is expected that all boutique hotels in Atlanta offer free Wi-Fi, and maybe even an in-house business center. However, many hotels are expanding their technology to meet the current demands of today’s travelers. Many of these amenities are even designed to allow guests to be more self-sufficient, and therefore more comfortable and empowered. This includes tech-savvy amenities such as:

  • Mobile check-in
  • Check-in kiosks
  • Keyless entry through smartphones
  • Geo-targeting within the hotel
  • The ability to provide real-time feedback without calling the front desk
  • In-Room touch screens—TV, lighting, music, curtains, thermostat, etc.
  • Hotel specific apps designed to enhance customer experience—such as ordering room service

Amped Up Fitness Options

While it is not a surprise to have a gym in your hotel, you may be surprised to see the quality of the gyms in many trendy Atlanta hotels. Hotel gyms now rival that of off-site gyms. Aside from the superior quality and selection of equipment, many hotels also offer amenities such as a steam room, sauna, group fitness classes, and many gyms provide access to personal trainers. Aside from traditional equipment, you are also likely to find equipment and accessories such as free weights, yoga mats, stability balls, and other multi-purpose fitness tools. Also check to see what health and fitness options are available in-room—such as personal training, massage, and maybe even a mani/pedi. Sometimes smaller boutique hotels are not able to fit a gym inside the building and align themselves with a full service Fitness Center, providing every service you could ever want in a gym.

Dining For All Health Needs

There once was a time that having a restaurant in your hotel was a bonus, but now the hotel industry is taking things one step further. Even if there are plenty of restaurants within walking distance, or nearby restaurants that deliver—it is more convenient for at least a handful of your meals to be eaten in the hotel. This is why many hotels are now committed to meeting all of their guests dietary and health needs. This means the menu selection goes far beyond fine dining and local fare, but now meets the needs of individuals with food allergies, or dietary restrictions due to health conditions. Hotels are even offering a larger selection of vegan, vegetarian, and popular health foods—such as smoothies and fresh squeezed juices. Some hotels are even allowing for meals that can have far more than standard substitutions, but full-on customization. Also check to see if you have the option of having a chef come directly to your room to prepare a special meal for you and your guests.

A Lobby That Is More Than a Lobby

One thing all boutique hotels in Atlanta have in common, are their standout front lobbies. The lobby is the first thing guests see when they walk in the hotel, making this a logical decision, but the new trend is to do more than just make the lobby look good. Now lobbies are being turned into multi-functional spaces, designed for far more than check-in or sitting for a few minutes while you are waiting for families and friends. The latest service trend is to have an entrance that encourages socialization and frequent use, maybe even a quick business meeting for a small group of individuals. In fact, some hotels are even serving of food and beverages in their lobby areas—even if not all day, during set times throughout the day.

The new service trends and improved amenities above are just a few ways trendy boutique hotels in Atlanta are going above and beyond to improve your stay. These amenities help to take an ordinary stay, to that of an extraordinary stay. Some of these new are more important to you than others, so before you book your next hotel, make sure it has the modern amenities you desire.

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