What Does it Mean to be a Boutique Hotel?

The word “boutique” is often thrown around when describing hotels and shops, but few people actually realize what the word means. On top of that, many hotels try to capitalize on the trend of being boutique, without offering truly boutique services. The Ellis Hotel is a historic hotel in downtown Atlanta. It is a fully independent hotel, that prides itself in its personalized and luxurious rooms and amenities.

Most Boutique Hotels Are Independent

While not every boutique hotel is independent, most are. This is because offering truly personalized services is difficult to achieve when you are restricted to the conformity of a major hotel chain. For a hotel to be truly boutique, it must have a connection to the local community. Even though many of the guests will be traveling from outside of the area, they are looking for a hotel that offers a unique Atlanta flare.

Personalized Rooms

Standard hotels offer a handful of room selections, but for the most part their floors and rooms are fairly the same. However, boutique hotels take things to the next level. While you can still choose from single and double occupancy, suites, and maybe even adjoining rooms—boutique rooms are designed to support the traveler’s lifestyle, and provide personalized comforts of home. The Ellis Hotel is a boutique hotel in Atlanta with rooms that offer more than a comfortable place to retire at the end of each day, but can be selected by your desire for:

  • A woman’s only floor (10 Rooms)
  • A pet friendly floor (7 Rooms)
  • Hypoallergenic fresh air floor (10 rooms)
  • Healing wellness room

Design Your Trip Around Your Goals

While most hotels have a concierge that can help you plan outings to local attractions and excursions, boutique hotels take this to the next level by offering packages that allow you to design your trip around your goals. This varies from one hotel to the next, but
The Ellis Hotel offers both seasonal and year-round packages designed to make your stay unique. A few examples include:

  • B&B package with daily coffee and breakfast delivered in the comfort of your room.
  • World of Coca-Cola package including World of Coca-Cola admission, where you can explore the history, memorabilia, and advertisements behind the world’s most famous soft drink.
  • Romantic package perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or a romantic weekend getaway. Includes house champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and silk rose petal turndown service.
  •  Atlanta’s best package including an all-access pass to The Georgia Aquarium’s permanent galleries, AT&T Dolphin Celebration, Funbelievable 4D Theater, and Sea Lions at SunTrust Pier 225.
  •  The daffodil package, perfect for a one-night staycation for two. Includes a “yelloe-themed” pre-fixe 3 course meal at the Terrace Bistro.
  •   And many more personalized packages!

Designed With Intention

You won’t find run of the mill art or décor in boutique hotels. Instead, you will find modern design, and maybe even fun-filled themed guest rooms. For example, you might find a hotel room decked out in the local football team’s memorabilia and colors. You may find artwork by local artists, or that each room or floor has a unique or distinct personality and style. Design choices are left to each individual hotel, but expect and elevated or distinct look and feel—that is targeted to a very specific client.

Elevated Amenities

Above and beyond the personalized in-room features, boutique hotels offer elevated and thoughtful services and amenities. This could include specialty dining, such as farm to table, local fare, or healthy dining options—or maybe even fitness rooms and spas with luxurious services. Make sure to always search what equipment is included in the Fitness Center of your hotel to avoid disappointed while travelling. Use the Ellis Hotel as a benchmark considering they have brand new state of the art equipment. Specifically the 2017 Model Pre-Core Treadmills, Elliptical, and the Era A Schwinn Spin Bike so you can maintain your spin regimen while on the road. The Ellis Hotel also offers a full set of dumbbells ranging from 5 to 50 pounds, and an FTS Glide machine which offers nearly 20 different abdominal, upper, and lower body exercises to try out for your next workout. They also offer extreme comfort with a Bosu ball, 5 traditional medicine balls, stability ball and workout mats.

Other elevated amenities you can expect are check-in and check-out times to be a bit more flexible. On top of that, providing the full comforts of home are often of high priority. If the hotel has the space, they may even offer event and entertainment spaces—for both business and personal use.

The Ellis Hotel is one of a handful of historic hotels in downtown Atlanta. Expect luxury and elevated service and care from the moment you book your reservation, up until your check-out. Guests enjoy modern comfort and design, in a breathtaking landmark hotel. Guests also have access to over 1,400 square feet of event and meeting space to balance both work and play.


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