Breathe Freely on Our Fresh Air Floor

Breathe Freely on Our Fresh Air Floor
A luxury Atlanta hotel demands more than expected

As one of Atlanta’s finest boutique hotels, we are continually looking for ways to be innovative in order to provide our guests with a top-notch hotel experience. One of the ways we have been able to separate ourselves is by transforming many of our floors into Specialty Floors, everything from a Women’s Only Floor, to a Pet Friendly Floor, as well as our Fresh Air Floor and Wellness Rooms.

Among these specialty floors, our Fresh Air Floor has to be one of the most appreciated by our guests. Stepping off of the elevator, guests will immediately breathe in allergen reduced air which is continually filtered and circulated to ensure the cleanest breathing environment possible. Each room is treated using “Beyond By Aerus” filtration machines to help reduce any number of allergens which guests may be sensitive to. All mattresses and pillows are sealed, the carpet is deep cleaned, and all hard and soft surfaces are routinely treated to remove dust and germs. All of this provides a hypoallergenic hotel room experience which allows guests to breathe freely, rest easy, and sleep better.

We understand the inconvenience that allergy sensitivities can produce while traveling. Our Fresh Air Floor provides hypoallergenic rooms which help to alleviate some of these possible effects in order to improve your Atlanta hotel stay. For further information or inquiries about these specialty rooms, please visit the links below, or reach out to us directly at:

Fresh Air Floor
Wellness Rooms

Welcome to The Ellis Hotel, Let Us Surprise You.

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