The Ellis Discovers New Trends on the Way Americans are Selecting their Hotels

Over the past few years, many of America’s cities have seen a sort of urban renaissance. Much more so than in recent years, it seems that more people are electing to live, travel and do business in metropolitan city centers rather than a suburb.

In a recent survey, the Ellis Hotel has discovered that a little under half of all Americans actually preferred to seek out hotels in a metropolitan area for their travels.


While vacations were once considered a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy city centers, it seems that more travelers are looking to cities for their choosen vacation destination. Let’s take a look into some of the latest trends about how Americans are changing the way they get away.

Millennial Generation is Leading the Way

It comes as no surprise that the Millennial generation is leading the pack of our country’s travel to urban resurgence. Over half of survey respondents ages 18-24 actually preferred to stay at hotels in metropolitan city centers. Slightly less than half of respondents between the ages of 25 and 44 viewed staying in a metropolitan area as a benefit to their vacation.


With the rise of technology and an everything-on-demand attitude, Millennials have been raised in a world where everything they could ever want was within reach or at their fingertips. The same is true for their need for entertainment and travel.

The Metropolitan Revival

Staying in a metropolitan city center puts millennials amongst all the action. More travelers are taking advantage of downtown area hotels that place them mere minutes away from all the sights, tastes and sounds that a city has to offer.

Much more than their parents’ generation, Millennials are busybodies, more interested in experiencing all that life has to offer them rather than the traditional “kick back and relax” mentality that once dominated many American vacations. Being surrounded by urban convenience, millennial travelers are typically looking beyond the standard tourist attractions in favor of diving head first into a city’s culture and seeking out the local hotspots for dining, arts, entertainment and much more.

With a never ending desire to be connected, Millennials seek out the busy hustle and bustle of a metropolitan area. Engaging in a city’s surroundings has become one of the main highlights of a great vacation and a stay in a city’s downtown neighborhood makes the city’s offerings more accessible than ever before.

How Hotels are Adapting to the Change

With more people looking to book their vacation accommodations in metropolitan centers, more hotels are adapting their strategies to cater towards this new demand. For years, metropolitan hotels were thought to be reserved for the wealthy and elite. However, our survey results show that all income levels are starting to consider staying in a metropolitan area.


Metropolitan area hotels are being forced to alter their strategies and cater towards this new demand. One of the latest trends in the hotel industry is the rise of independent boutique hotels. Due to their smaller, more intimate size, boutique hotels are able to call even the most densely packed city centers home and put their guests in the middle of all the action.

Another perk of boutique hotels is their independence. While many franchise hotels have to adopt their furnishings and amenities to stay in-line with brand standards, independent boutique hotels offer more freedom to build upon their city’s culture, creating an urban ambience that embodies the eclectic and lively feel of the city that surrounds it. The luxury accommodations of a boutique hotel work to find the perfect balance between comfort and city style, infusing a city’s urban atmosphere in ways that help bring their hotel to life. From the design and decoration of your room to the dining and entertainment options in the hotel bar, grill and lobby area, a boutique hotel bridges metropolitan culture with hotel elegance like no other.

One of the front runners in the urban renaissance is the city of Atlanta. With its rich history and rapidly expanding nightlife, arts and culinary scenes, it’s no wonder that more and more travelers are visiting Atlanta every year! Take a trip to the city and discover what makes Atlanta one of the hottest destinations throughout the country.

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