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Hotel Packages for Better Quality Travel

With the Superbowl and Valentine's Day both fast approaching, you might be in the market for romantic hotel packages or a trip for all your buddies to see the big game. Whatever your preferences, hotel packages can offer convenience and savings over booking separately. Here are some hints about how to remain efficient while traveling without breaking the bank. Book Hotel Rooms Early Hotels, just like airways, tend to have better deals the earlier that you make a reservation for your weekend Read more [...]

Allergy-Friendly Hotel Rooms on the New Fresh Air Floor

The Ellis Hotel is proud to announce our new allergy-friendly hotel rooms with the opening of our private access Fresh Air Floor. Allergy-sensitive guests now have a new option designed just for them when visiting Atlanta. Each room on the Fresh Air Floor has been treated by Beyond™ by Aerus, a provider of healthy indoor living solutions. Allergy-Friendly Hotel Rooms in Atlanta Traveling across the country (or world) can be physically shocking for your body. Apart from jet lag, Read more [...]