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Breathe Freely on Our Fresh Air Floor

Breathe Freely on Our Fresh Air Floor A luxury Atlanta hotel demands more than expected As one of Atlanta’s finest boutique hotels, we are continually looking for ways to be innovative in order to provide our guests with a top-notch hotel experience. One of the ways we have been able to separate ourselves is by transforming many of our floors into Specialty Floors, everything from a Women’s Only Floor, to a Pet Friendly Floor, as well as our Fresh Air Floor and Wellness Rooms. Among these Read more [...]

A Women’s Only Floor

A Women’s Only Floor Setting a new standard for luxury travel in Atlanta Staying at Atlanta’s Top Ranked Hotel has many perks, including the opportunity to book your stay on one of our exclusive-amenity floors. These specialty floors include: A dog-friendly floor, allergy and health conscious floors, as well as a women’s only floor. Each floor accommodates the most refined of travelers so that any and all needs may be taken care of in a luxurious way. Our women’s only floor was created Read more [...]

9 Sensational Spots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Atlanta

9 Sensational Spots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Atlanta As the weather cools off, the sweet tooth seems to call out for something special and these eight sweet spots will surely have something for everyone to savor. From donuts to homemade ice cream to delicately crafted delicious sweet Asian rolls to traditional desserts, follow your sweet tooth to downtown Atlanta for some sophisticated sweetness. In or near downtown, Atlanta boasts some of the most scrumptious, mouth-watering delights. 9. Read more [...]

Boutique Hotels: Better than Ever Before?

Boutique hotels in Atlanta are experiencing an increase in popularity among travelers, just as those in other cities. Boutiques are defined broadly as a hotel that has a unique style that is focused on its design. These lodgings, which may be operated independently or as part of an affiliation, tend to offer anywhere from 40 to 300 rooms to guests. These hotels place a large emphasis on their intimacy and are favored by tourists as an inviting way to enjoy a vacation or weekend retreat over larger, Read more [...]

The Ellis Discovers New Trends on the Way Americans are Selecting their Hotels

Over the past few years, many of America’s cities have seen a sort of urban renaissance. Much more so than in recent years, it seems that more people are electing to live, travel and do business in metropolitan city centers rather than a suburb. In a recent survey, the Ellis Hotel has discovered that a little under half of all Americans actually preferred to seek out hotels in a metropolitan area for their travels. While vacations were once considered a time to get away from the hustle Read more [...]

What sets Boutique Hotels Apart from the Rest

While nearly every small hotel seems to toss around the term “boutique” when it refers to their services, not many guests actually know what the term means. Unlike their luxury and franchise counterparts, boutique hotels are clearly defined, with elements and amenities that set them apart from the rest. Intimate Size The primary feature of any boutique hotel is its smaller size. Many travel professionals agree that to qualify as a boutique hotel, the hotel should be no bigger than 125 rooms. Read more [...]

Boutique versus Luxury Hotels

Just like boutique shops vs. big-box retailers, boutique hotels are smaller and more intimate than large chain hotels. While everything is downsized in a boutique hotel, that doesn't mean the amenities, facilities and services are necessarily downsized. You can still enjoy a luxurious, personalized, full-service stay at boutique hotels in Atlanta -- without sacrificing anything. What are Boutique Hotels? Boutique hotels are typically classified as those with no more than 125 rooms total, Read more [...]

Difference Between Boutique Hotels & Franchise Hotels

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between independent boutique hotels and branded franchise hotels? There are some pretty big differences in terms of amenities, location, facilities and services. At the Ellis Hotel, we’re very proud of our independent boutique status, and we’d like to point out what puts boutique hotels a cut above the rest. Personalized and Local Experience Boutique hotels are seeing a renaissance as travelers look for more local, authentic travel experiences. Read more [...]

Dining at the Terrace Bistro in Downtown Atlanta

Market fresh meals, sustainable food, farm to table...if these sound good to you, you'll want to visit the Terrace Bistro, a standout choice in the downtown Atlanta dining scene. You'll find this innovative eatery within the Ellis Hotel, a historic landmark on Peachtree Street. Hit the Terrace Bistro when you want something a little bit different -- something that's locally sourced, fresh and out of the ordinary. First-Class Dining for Ellis Hotel Guests Offering up American Southern fare with Read more [...]

Booking a Hotel for Graduation Weekend in Atlanta

Watching your child graduate college is one of the proudest moments that you can experience as a parent. It can also be one of the most fun.  But something it should never be is stressful.  Unfortunately a lot of parents find themselves stressed out as they approach commencement weekend because they realize they were unprepared.  Nowhere is this more evident than in travel plans.  Thankfully, much of this can be alleviated by properly booking a hotel for graduation weekend.  If you can get a Read more [...]