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New Service Trends in the Hotel Industry

Hotels are constantly searching for ways to improve their guest’s experience. In fact, many hotels are looking to WOW their guests with their innovative amenities. These include amenities that provide the comforts of home, as well as amenities that provide the luxury comforts of a vacation. Whether the goal is primarily for comfort or convenience, many of the boutique hotels in Atlanta are hopping on the new service trends below. More Than Just Pet-Friendly It used to be that finding a hotel Read more [...]

Choosing the Right Hotel for your Travels

When it comes to travel, people tend to focus on their trip and what they'll see and do once they arrive at their destination. They don't always consider the type of their accommodation. They might reason that they won't be spending a lot of time in their hotels when there are sights to see and fun places to visit, yet staying at a bad hotel can ruin an otherwise great vacation. There are plenty of nice hotels in Atlanta and elsewhere, but there are also plenty that should be avoided. Whether Read more [...]

Pampering For Your Vacation

You work hard, so you deserve to play hard too! That being said; your vacation time away from the daily grind should have some relaxation mixed in as well. If you have an upcoming vacation, consider reserving a room in one of the luxury boutique hotels in Atlanta—which offer the pampering and relaxing activities and services below. In-House Services When booking your hotel, ask the concierge what additional amenities and in-room services you can enjoy. While room service is a given, many hotels Read more [...]

Top Trends of Boutique Hotels

Whether it is for their stylish interior, exceptional attention to service or more intimate sizing, boutique hotels are becoming widely popular, springing up in urban city centers that place their guests closer to a city’s culture points than ever before. With many boutique hotels holding an independent status, they are often more quick to adapt to the latest trends and technologies out there, giving them an edge up on their franchise and chain hotel counterparts. With the rise in popularity Read more [...]

Romantic Getaways in Atlanta

Atlanta may not be the capital of Georgia, but it is by far the most popular choice among travelers looking for romantic getaways in the South. Whether you happen to be searching for a hotel in Atlanta that offers honeymoon or romance packages, romantic dining options, or are just seeking a getaway for the 2 of you in Atlanta, the city is a great choice for a honeymoon, an anniversary, or just a relaxing vacation with your loved one. Romantic Restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia Romantic dining Read more [...]

Hotel Amenities to Seek out when Traveling for Business

When traveling for business, it is essential to select your hotel according to your professional needs. While some hotels may offer more competitive rates than others, the hotel amenities and location are worth paying more attention to when traveling for business. Evaluating the entire offering of your hotel can actually save you money. Consider the following when booking business accommodations in Atlanta. Professional Hotel Amenities When selecting a hotel, you must ensure that they Read more [...]

Atlanta Vacations to Kick Start Your Summer

When summer season kicks off, there are hundreds of exciting things to do in Atlanta. If you enjoy history, Atlanta is home to a number of Civil War memorabilia and historical sites. The city has an active nightlife and wonderful downtown Atlanta hotels to accommodate everyone. Here are some of the exciting things to do in the Atlanta area. Museums Atlanta has several museums to visit that provide exciting cultural opportunities. The High Museum of Art, the Atlanta History Center, and Read more [...]

How Boutique Hotels Benefit Travelers

Seasoned travelers know that having the right accommodations while on the road can make or break any vacation or business trip. For a growing number of travelers, boutique hotels in Atlanta, like the Ellis, are becoming the lodging of choice. When travelers understand what defines a boutique hotel, and the distinct advantages that are gained by staying in one, they are more likely to choose these stylish accommodations for their next overnight stay. Defining Boutique Hotels Hotels in this Read more [...]