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What Does it Mean to be a Boutique Hotel?

The word “boutique” is often thrown around when describing hotels and shops, but few people actually realize what the word means. On top of that, many hotels try to capitalize on the trend of being boutique, without offering truly boutique services. The Ellis Hotel is a historic hotel in downtown Atlanta. It is a fully independent hotel, that prides itself in its personalized and luxurious rooms and amenities. Most Boutique Hotels Are Independent While not every boutique hotel is independent, Read more [...]

Dear Millennials, Welcome to the Empire City of the South!

There’s a good reason why people who know Atlanta call it the Empire City of the South. Now, the capital of Georgia is ready to prove that claim once and for all. While the city was once known for little more than being a buzzing transportation hub, a new change is sweeping across Atlanta like no other. Thanks to new attractions, accessible public transportation, incredible food halls and shopping districts; tourists and travel experts are starting to pay close attention. So what has so many Read more [...]

Spend Your Autumn in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is a remarkable place all year round but fall time brings a particular magic to the area. The Ellis Hotel, a boutique hotel located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, is the perfect, centrally located place to call home while exploring Atlanta and the surrounding area. Here are a few of some fun, autumn activities in and around Atlanta. Autumn Festivals There are tons of fall festivals for the entire family during September and October in Georgia. The Fall Georgia State Fair always Read more [...]

Rekindle Your Romance in Downtown Atlanta

It’s never too late to rekindle your romance – and you couldn’t choose a better place to do that than in Atlanta, Georgia. This beautiful city has so much to offer people who are in love. From canoeing on the Chattahoochee River, to snuggling closely at a drive-in movie, to sharing a meal for two by candlelight, the romantic possibilities are always abundant in Georgia’s capital city. Whether you’ve been a couple for a few years or a few decades, you won’t grow bored in Atlanta. Dinner Read more [...]

The First Time Visitor’s Guide to Atlanta – White Paper

Ellis Hotel - White Paper - First Time Atlanta Originally built as the merging point between the Western & Atlantic Railroads, the city quickly established itself as a transportation hub and a national center of commerce. Well over 150 years later and Atlanta has remained the beating heart of the South. Aside from being the largest, most vibrant city in Georgia, Atlanta is also home to hundreds of world-renowned chefs, entrepreneurs, entertainers and media moguls. Still, the city manages Read more [...]

Better Business Travels: How Choosing a Boutique Hotel Can Make All the Difference

When you’re traveling for business purposes, choosing the right accommodations can make all the difference in the outcome of your trip. Staying in a suitable hotel is of the utmost importance if you wish to make a positive impression on clients and associates. Instead of booking a room in a chain facility that caters to a broad demographic with the same cookie cutter experience, why not consider making a reservation at one of the boutique hotels in Atlanta? Boutique hotels have much more to Read more [...]

Are Travelers In Favor of the De-Standardization of the Hotel Industry?

No vacation is quite like another, so why should your hotel accommodations be the same regardless of where you go? While franchise hotel chains focus on creating a “cookie-cutter” experience for travelers no matter where they go, is it really what we want from our hotel suites? According to our most recent survey, “cookie-cutter” accommodations may no longer be cutting it with travelers. In fact, 44% of everyone we surveyed said they would rather seek out the unique travel accommodations Read more [...]

New Service Trends in the Hotel Industry

Hotels are constantly searching for ways to improve their guest’s experience. In fact, many hotels are looking to WOW their guests with their innovative amenities. These include amenities that provide the comforts of home, as well as amenities that provide the luxury comforts of a vacation. Whether the goal is primarily for comfort or convenience, many of the boutique hotels in Atlanta are hopping on the new service trends below. More Than Just Pet-Friendly It used to be that finding a hotel Read more [...]

Choosing the Right Hotel for your Travels

When it comes to travel, people tend to focus on their trip and what they'll see and do once they arrive at their destination. They don't always consider the type of their accommodation. They might reason that they won't be spending a lot of time in their hotels when there are sights to see and fun places to visit, yet staying at a bad hotel can ruin an otherwise great vacation. There are plenty of nice hotels in Atlanta and elsewhere, but there are also plenty that should be avoided. Whether Read more [...]

Pampering For Your Vacation

You work hard, so you deserve to play hard too! That being said; your vacation time away from the daily grind should have some relaxation mixed in as well. If you have an upcoming vacation, consider reserving a room in one of the luxury boutique hotels in Atlanta—which offer the pampering and relaxing activities and services below. In-House Services When booking your hotel, ask the concierge what additional amenities and in-room services you can enjoy. While room service is a given, many hotels Read more [...]