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Breathe Freely on Our Fresh Air Floor

Breathe Freely on Our Fresh Air Floor A luxury Atlanta hotel demands more than expected As one of Atlanta’s finest boutique hotels, we are continually looking for ways to be innovative in order to provide our guests with a top-notch hotel experience. One of the ways we have been able to separate ourselves is by transforming many of our floors into Specialty Floors, everything from a Women’s Only Floor, to a Pet Friendly Floor, as well as our Fresh Air Floor and Wellness Rooms. Among these Read more [...]

A Women’s Only Floor

A Women’s Only Floor Setting a new standard for luxury travel in Atlanta Staying at Atlanta’s Top Ranked Hotel has many perks, including the opportunity to book your stay on one of our exclusive-amenity floors. These specialty floors include: A dog-friendly floor, allergy and health conscious floors, as well as a women’s only floor. Each floor accommodates the most refined of travelers so that any and all needs may be taken care of in a luxurious way. Our women’s only floor was created Read more [...]

10 Best On Peachtree Street

“10 Best On Peachtree Street” There are a lot of “peach” this and thats in Atlanta, which can be confusing for locals and visitors alike. So let us begin by clarifying that “Peachtree Street” refers to the original, the true transit way which extends from Downtown to Buckhead and is dotted with famous Atlanta sites on nearly every block along the way. Well known sites like The Fox Theater and High Museum of Art, but also lesser known sites like Shakespeare’s Tavern Playhouse and Read more [...]

What Does it Mean to be a Boutique Hotel?

The word “boutique” is often thrown around when describing hotels and shops, but few people actually realize what the word means. On top of that, many hotels try to capitalize on the trend of being boutique, without offering truly boutique services. The Ellis Hotel is a historic hotel in downtown Atlanta. It is a fully independent hotel, that prides itself in its personalized and luxurious rooms and amenities. Most Boutique Hotels Are Independent While not every boutique hotel is independent, Read more [...]

The First Time Visitor’s Guide to Atlanta – White Paper

Ellis Hotel - White Paper - First Time Atlanta Originally built as the merging point between the Western & Atlantic Railroads, the city quickly established itself as a transportation hub and a national center of commerce. Well over 150 years later and Atlanta has remained the beating heart of the South. Aside from being the largest, most vibrant city in Georgia, Atlanta is also home to hundreds of world-renowned chefs, entrepreneurs, entertainers and media moguls. Still, the city manages to Read more [...]

Boutique Hotels Attracting Younger Americans

The Ellis Hotel, Atlanta’s premier downtown boutique hotel, recently conducted a survey asking 867 Americans ages 18 – 65+ whether they prefer staying in either franchise hotels or boutique hotels. The results (unweighted and weighted to reflect national demographics) showed that 41% of Americans prefer to stay in boutique hotels when choosing a hotel location. After factoring in statistics from different demographics of age and location, some positive trends can be found within the results Read more [...]

Slide Show: Best Attractions for Travelers in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is a city with history. Developed at a railroad crossing, over the years The Big Peach blossomed into a bustling capital with dozens of modern and cultural attractions. Travelers visiting Atlanta have their work cut out for them if they want to see all that the city has to offer. From the internationally renowned Georgia Aquarium to the College Football Hall of Fame, the city holds something for everyone and then some! This slide show presents a few of some of Atlanta’s most visit-worthy Read more [...]

Video: Meeting & Event Planning Tips from The Ellis Hotel

A lot goes into planning meetings, events, and conferences for businesses. From budgeting to team scheduling and coordination, event organizers are responsible for booking a venue, transportation for participants, catering, accommodations, and more. Here are a few tips to help event organizers focus on the parts of the different areas of planning and budgeting that need to be taken into account as well as some thoughts to keep in mind during different phases of the process. For more help planning Read more [...]

Visit Atlanta: An Infographic on The Big Peach

Atlanta is a vibrant city that attracts millions of visitors per year, making it one of the most visited cities in America. With the number of parks and nature preserves around the area, travelers are easily won over by the abundant natural landscape. Many also find a city proud of its long history, containing the Atlanta Cyclorama & Civil War Museum, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s boyhood home, the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum (where the famous author penned Gone With the Wind), and many Read more [...]

White Paper: How to Get the Best Service at Your Hotel

When guests travel, there are certain standards of service they expect from their accommodations. However, they may not always be aware of other services they can take advantage of to improve their hotel experience, or even how to effectively communicate their needs. Here are some tips that hotel guests can use to understand what hospitality services can generally provide them with as well as who to direct their musically hearts no human verification requests to. For more information about accommodating Read more [...]