Boutique versus Luxury Hotels

Just like boutique shops vs. big-box retailers, boutique hotels are smaller and more intimate than large chain hotels. While everything is downsized in a boutique hotel, that doesn’t mean the amenities, facilities and services are necessarily downsized. You can still enjoy a luxurious, personalized, full-service stay at boutique hotels in Atlanta – without sacrificing anything.

What are Boutique Hotels?

Boutique hotels are typically classified as those with no more than 125 rooms total, but no less than 20. Less than 20 would qualify as a bed and breakfast or inn, while more than 125 would be classified as a standard full-size hotel. However, just because they’re smaller and cozier than their bigger brothers doesn’t mean your experience is diminished. In fact, you are likely to get an even higher level of personalized attention and service. A lot can be said for ambiance and luxury amenities when they are offered on a smaller scale. Bursting with charm, boutique hotels attract a spectrum of visitors, from families and singles to business people and honeymooners. Many big-name chain hotels are creating more and more boutique hotel versions of their larger selves all across the globe to get in on the growing, high demand boutique trend, says Travel + Leisure.

Amenities and Features

While you may not find Olympic-sized lap pools, large fitness centers, several dining establishments and shopping malls within boutiques, you will still find these amenities yet in a downsized form. From fitness rooms and coffee bars to lounges and spas, you can still experience the luxury of being pampered. Boutique hotels also offer up fashionable, trendy designs and furnishings, paving the way for the newest styles. They have the versatility of being located in posh, modern buildings or renovated historic castles, chock full of award-winning eateries at the top of the industry and sleek guest rooms. You often get high-speed wi-fi just like you would with a larger hotel, plus access to small conference rooms just right for a private meeting. Due to their size, boutique hotels can spend more on furnishings, so you often get the most luxurious and comfortable bedding, bathroom amenities and furnishings. Since they take up less space, boutique hotels fit well within tight downtown spaces, offering a better location and more convenient access to the hottest attractions. In the case of Atlanta downtown boutique hotels, visitors can easily walk to premier attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke, Centennial Olympic Park, Phillips Arenda, The Tabernacle, The Georgia World Congress Center, the CNN Center, and the Sun Dial Bar & View. Get up close and personal to all the action happening downtown when you stay at a boutique hotel — something you can’t always get from the big guys. After putting in a full day of activity, head to your nearby hotel room to wind down, order some room service and relax.

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