How Boutique Hotels Benefit Travelers

Seasoned travelers know that having the right accommodations while on the road can make or break any vacation or business trip. For a growing number of travelers, boutique hotels in Atlanta, like the Ellis, are becoming the lodging of choice. When travelers understand what defines a boutique hotel, and the distinct advantages that are gained by staying in one, they are more likely to choose these stylish accommodations for their next overnight stay.

Defining Boutique Hotels

Hotels in this category are generally smaller properties with usually fewer than 125 guest rooms. Boutique hotels in Atlanta and other cities are often found in historic districts and occupy beautifully designed older buildings. Because they accommodate fewer guests, boutique hotels are characterized by their superior dedication to providing individualized service. In fact, many of the attributes that define boutique hotels are also the most commonly sought after traits by travelers.

Prime Location

The majority of boutique properties are located in the heart of the denser, highly visited districts of most cities including downtown areas, business districts, and cultural or art districts. This means that guests have excellent access to museums, restaurants and attractions. It’s also likely that convenient transportation options are abundant right outside the hotel’s front door. The Ellis Hotel, in the heart of Atlanta’s downtown area, sits on historic Peachtree Street less than a minute’s walk from the Peachtree MARTA station.

Intimate Atmosphere

Boutique hotels in Atlanta and other cities frequently specialize in a stylized lodging experience. Theme rooms are common in these more individualized properties, and the one-size-fits-all mentality that reigns at chain hotels simply doesn’t exist here. The boutique experience is intimate, paying careful attention to room furnishing and amenity details. Boutique hotels excel at providing the small design touches in guest rooms and common areas that elevate the experience to a level of luxury rarely achieved by larger establishments.

Personalized Service

This is where boutique hotels truly distinguish themselves. Travelers looking for a little pampering with their vacation should definitely choose a boutique hotel where their slightest whim is easily accommodated. Boutique hotels tend to serve higher quality food and feature better linens on their beds and in the bathroom. Guest requests are met with efficiency and friendliness. Most guests will become accustomed to being greeted by name and will discover that the staff remembers their needs from one stay to the next. Additionally, the staff is typically adept at making recommendations and reservations around the city and arranging for tours and other experiences with ease.

Staying in a boutique hotel is a wonderful way to ensure an even more memorable vacation experience. Small, intimate hotels like the Ellis offer desirable amenities and remarkable service for visitors to Atlanta.

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