Boutique Hotels Attracting Younger Americans

The Ellis Hotel, Atlanta’s premier downtown boutique hotel, recently conducted a survey asking 867 Americans ages 18 – 65+ whether they prefer staying in either franchise hotels or boutique hotels. The results (unweighted and weighted to reflect national demographics) showed that 41% of Americans prefer to stay in boutique hotels when choosing a hotel location.

survey 1

After factoring in statistics from different demographics of age and location, some positive trends can be found within the results of the data.

Younger Americans are more likely to stay at Boutique Hotels

When analyzing the results by age groups, there is about a 10% difference in the amount of younger Americans ages 18 – 34 (Group A – 46.7%) than older Americans ages 34 (Group B) and up that are more likely to stay in a boutique hotel.

survey 2

Looking more closely at this age range shows that Americans 25 – 34 are split in half when faced with the choice of a franchise hotel and a boutique hotel.

survey 3

City Dwelling

When it comes to looking at the results strictly from an urban density standpoint, it seems that those 18-65+ years old residing in urban areas (Group A) are more likely to choose boutique hotels over franchise hotels than those from suburban or rural areas.

survey 4

Once again, a trend of younger Americans seeking boutique hotel advantages is prevalent in the findings, with 52.8% of urban Americans ages 18 – 34 preferring the offerings of boutique hotels. When looking specifically at the 25 – 34 age range in urban communities, according to the results nearly three-fifth of those surveyed chose to stay at boutique hotels over their franchise counterparts. When considering these results coupled with the overall age results discussed earlier, it can be inferred that the millennials are seeking out the personality, creativity and local feel of a boutique hotel when it comes to their travel accommodations.

The Positive Outlook

While looking at the results, it can be assumed that many of the little known benefits of staying in a boutique on your vacation are beginning to come to light, as travelers begin to educate themselves on all that a boutique hotel has to offer. Travelers seeking a more local, authentic and personalized feel to their vacation often opt for smaller sized boutique hotels, with most boasting fewer than 125 rooms. Having fewer rooms means that the boutique hotels can cater more time to their guests, providing them with a unique and personalized hotel experience.

These smaller, more personable hotels are on top of the local scene, help guests feel more comfortable away from their homes. Due to their relatively smaller size, boutique hotels can fit into the most crowded metropolitan city centers. The city-center location of many of these boutique hotels means that local attractions and destinations are only a short walk away.

To book your stay in a downtown Atlanta boutique hotel or to learn more about the advantages a premier Atlanta boutique hotel can offer you, contact the Ellis Hotel today.

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