Booking a Hotel for Graduation Weekend in Atlanta

Watching your child graduate college is one of the proudest moments that you can experience as a parent. It can also be one of the most fun.  But something it should never be is stressful.  Unfortunately a lot of parents find themselves stressed out as they approach commencement weekend because they realize they were unprepared.  Nowhere is this more evident than in travel plans.  Thankfully, much of this can be alleviated by properly booking a hotel for graduation weekend.  If you can get a hotel without stress, then the rest of the trip will fall right into place, and you’ll enjoy the special weekend.  Here are some tips for booking a hotel for graduation weekend.

Book an Atlanta Hotel in Advance 

The earlier you can book your hotel, the better.  Atlanta university hotels become fully booked when graduation season rolls in, which means two things: it’s harder to find a room, and prices escalate.  As soon as you figure out your plans (such as the day of your student’s graduation, how many days off work you can get, and how many relatives need a room), look into getting a hotel.  Then, when other parents are stressed out about finding a hotel at the last minute, you can focus on the things that actually matter that weekend.

Know the University’s Schedule of Events

Every student and every school handles graduation differently.  For some schools, the weekend festivities are only as long as the commencement, whereas at other schools there are events all through the weekend.  Find out what your graduate’s weekend is going to look like, and then you’ll be able to find a hotel with the perfect Atlanta college accommodations for your itinerary.  For instance, if you’ll be spending the entire weekend on campus, dining at events, or sight-seeing in Atlanta while in town, then you don’t need to be too concerned with room size since you won’t be spending much time there. On the other hand, if your student mostly wants to catch up with the family, then it’s worth it to book a more spacious hotel room that can be your family’s gathering point for the weekend.

Find a Hotel by the Commencement Venue

The better your location, the more enjoyable the weekend will be.  And when it comes to graduations, location boils down to one thing: proximity to commencement.  When you’re just sight-seeing, hotel location doesn’t matter much. For instance, Georgia State University’s commencement is held at the Georgia Dome, so parents are strongly urged to find a hotel in downtown Atlanta. On the other hand, Emory University’s commencement is held on-campus, so families should know beforehand what hotels will allow them quick access to the school. Fortunately, the campus is only a 12 minute drive from downtown. Ultimately, the closer you are to your student’s commencement, the easier life will be, and the Ellis Hotel is the closest hotel to GSU campus – just a few blocks away.

With these tips you should be able to book a hotel for your student’s graduation with relatively no stress. For more information on booking accommodations for graduation weekend in Atlanta, contact the Ellis Hotel.

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