Atlanta Meeting Venue Hosting & Planning Tips

Atlanta is the preferred location for corporate functions and private meetings due to the array of venues available that are all located conveniently near local hotels and public transportation. Hosting a meeting in this popular city should always involve thorough research on your chosen Atlanta meeting venue to determine which will offer the right amenities for the specific type of function being held. Here are some steps and tips organizers should use when arranging an off-site meeting in Atlanta that will make guests feel welcome in this major corporate hub.

Compile the Invite List

The first thing a person will need to do when hosting an Atlanta event is to create an invite list. This list should include all essential decision makers as well as anyone else who needs to hear the information conveyed. Using this list, a person can plan for the size of the Atlanta meeting room, number of plates for catering, and number of hotel rooms to book for out-of-town participants. Once the list has been created, organizers can also arrange transportation options to and from the downtown Atlanta hotel that will be suitable for meeting the needs of the guests.

Coordinate Schedules with the Meeting Venue

During the planning process for the meeting, a host will also need to plan for services such as catering and multimedia set up. This can be done by working with an Atlanta meeting venue to find out about either what they offer or which local service providers they can refer you to. As a general rule, the best Atlanta meeting rooms will already have staff in place who can provide or arrange needed services for clients. This coordination is essential to ensure that a meeting runs smoothly.

Create a Guest Itinerary

Once organizers have researched Atlanta meeting rooms and found the right venue for their needs, they should also find entertainment options in the city so that guests may make the most out of their stay while making it to the meeting on time. Create a list of restaurants, bars, and other sightseeing recommendations around the Atlanta meeting venue or a manageable distance away from their downtown Atlanta hotel. In Atlanta, there are many public transportation options, including bus and rail systems as well as taxi services. Once this information has been gathered, it can be used to create a personalized guest itinerary that includes information regarding the Atlanta meeting venue, hotel reservations for each guest, and a list of after-meeting activity options.

Downtown Atlanta Hotel Meeting Venues

Hosting a meeting at a downtown Atlanta hotel is the perfect way to set a corporate or private event on the right track for success. To ensure that the meeting is successful, a team member should identify and reserve Atlanta meeting rooms that will accommodate each guest while offering seamless coordination with other related services. The Ellis Hotel can host smaller corporate and business meetings, arranging accommodations within the hotel, catering, and multimedia functions. From this downtown Atlanta hotel beside the Peachtree MARTA station, seeing Atlanta’s hotspots is a breeze for hotel guests and clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you plan and host a productive business meeting.

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