Atlanta Meeting Rooms & Hotel Services for Business Travelers

As a major commercial hub, business travelers flock to Atlanta throughout the year for meetings and conferences. Often, the most vital requirements of business travelers are downtown access and a comprehensive business center to allow them to tackle the work they need to finish between appointments. The Ellis Hotel has a number of business travel support services ready and waiting for on-the-go guests.

Hotel Conference & Meeting Rooms

Equipped with multimedia equipment for presentations, the Ellis Hotel’s meeting rooms in downtown Atlanta provide the perfect meeting place for both local businesses in Atlanta as well as for hosting meetings with out-of-town professionals. Able to accommodate between 12 to 125 people, the Ellis’ meeting rooms and event spaces can be set up to suit different meeting formats, such as classroom style with desks, theater style with all seats oriented toward a projection screen, and banquet style with guests seated around individual tables. Furthermore, hotel meeting spaces allow visiting attendees to book accommodations at the venue itself for the most convenient access.

Business Support Services

Traveling professionals often have last-minute documents and e-tickets to print, email to check, and copies to make or fax. The Ellis makes sure that business travelers have complimentary Internet access as well as complimentary printing and complimentary domestic faxing services available to them. These services allow business travelers to stay caught up on work and maintain communication with their teams back home at no cost to them. Event coordinators can also take advantage of these services, in addition to catering services, when preparing for business meetings taking place at the hotel.

Hotel Business Center

Sometimes just having a quiet area with room to spread out is the most essential part of productivity, and it’s often a rarity during travel. The Ellis Hotel’s business center is a private-access work area, where business professionals can go to focus without worrying about distractions from other hotel guests. In addition to ample desk space, computer terminals (complete with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software) are also available. If business travelers need a retreat to concentrate and want to get out of their guest room to work while they’re staying at the Ellis, they will have a quiet space waiting for them. This common space also allows many guests to collaborate on a project.

Business travelers in Atlanta have to take special care when selecting hotel rooms to ensure that they will be able to meet all their engagements on time. When business travelers stay at the Ellis Hotel in downtown Atlanta, they will have ready access to the heart of the city as well as to a host of support services tailored to the needs of mobile workers. Also, a key component to a successful meeting is ease and cost of accessibility to it. Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport is an easy and cost-effective $2.50/way transfer on MARTA from the hotel. The Ellis Hotel is located on the same block as the Peachtree Center MARTA Stop, completely convenient and cost-effective for meeting planner’s budgets. For more information about how the Ellis Hotel can improve your stay in Atlanta, contact us today.

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