Allergy-Friendly Hotel Rooms on the New Fresh Air Floor

The Ellis Hotel is proud to announce our new allergy-friendly hotel rooms with the opening of our private access Fresh Air Floor. Allergy-sensitive guests now have a new option designed just for them when visiting Atlanta. Each room on the Fresh Air Floor has been treated by Beyond™ by Aerus, a provider of healthy indoor living solutions.

Allergy-Friendly Hotel Rooms in Atlanta

Traveling across the country (or world) can be physically shocking for your body. Apart from jet lag, differences in urban air quality and exposure to new allergens can be a nightmare for allergy-sensitive guests as well as travelers with more sensitive respiratory systems. The fatigue caused by these factors can lead to decreased productivity, energy, and overall wellness, raising a person’s chances of falling ill. To give travelers a safe retreat from airborne irritants and allergens, the Ellis Hotel has partnered with Aerus to create a hypoallergenic environment on the Fresh Air Floor with a focus on allergy-friendly hotel rooms. This allows allergy-sensitive guests to rest more deeply and maintain a higher energy level whether they’re rushing around to corporate meetings, revving up for a convention, or simply enjoying some of the sights of the South.

Relief for Allergy-Sensitive Guests

The Ellis staff goes to great lengths to create the cleanest, freshest space possible. The private access floor ensures lower levels of foot traffic, reducing the introduction of contaminants and allergens. Guests will use their key card in the elevator to reach the floor. The air in the hallway as well as in all rooms is treated with a Space Certified Technology 24-hour filtering machine. This same system is used to filter the air in the International Space Station as well as research labs across the world. All rooms include sealed pillows and mattresses to prevent the collection of dust and inhibit any microbial growth. Carpets also receive a special deep-cleaning treatment. Surfaces are treated to remove both dust and germs.

Creating a Purer Space

The Beyond™ system targets everything in the room that visitors breathe and touch in order to create an allergen-free environment. Allergy-sensitive guests will be able to sleep better on our carefully created Fresh Air Floor. The Beyond™ system has been shown to effectively cleanse environments of E. coli, various viruses and bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, odor-causing bacteria, and smoke.

For more information about the Fresh Air experience or to upgrade your room selection to one of our allergy-friendly hotel rooms on the Fresh Air Floor, speak with an Ellis Hotel receptionist as you check in or when booking your room.

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