A Women’s Only Floor

A Women’s Only Floor
Setting a new standard for luxury travel in Atlanta

Staying at Atlanta’s Top Ranked Hotel has many perks, including the opportunity to book your stay on one of our exclusive-amenity floors. These specialty floors include: A dog-friendly floor, allergy and health conscious floors, as well as a women’s only floor. Each floor accommodates the most refined of travelers so that any and all needs may be taken care of in a luxurious way.

Our women’s only floor was created to accommodate female travelers of all sort. Whether traveling alone for a week-long business trip, or just getting away for the weekend with friends, we have you covered. As one of the only premier Atlanta hotels offering a women’s only floor, we pride ourselves on setting a high standard for this unique traveling experience. The floor is designed for peace of mind, with private key card access on the elevator ensuring that only those staying on the women’s only floor will have access, as well as added luxury.

Guests who arrive at check in will receive a complimentary “L’Occitane” luxury cosmetics and toiletry bag as well as a few other special amenities to be found in the room, including comfy slippers, a plush bath robe, “Gilchrist and Soames” toiletries as well as a curling iron and flat iron. As guests arrive to the floor, the elevator doors will open up to an arrangement of bright yellow flowers and three original “Chelko Foundation” prints. Through our partnership with The Chelko Foundation, guests will also receive a miniature replica of the famous “Chalko Heart” print included in their stay on our women’s only floor. This print represents the essence of a woman’s character and is meant to inspire and encourage women to be proud of who they are, and to be symbol of power, leadership, and love for women all across the world.

Being an independent boutique hotel allows us to tailor floors for specific traveling needs. Often these needs are not known to the travelers themselves, and such is the case with many of our guests who stay on our women’s only floor. It brings much delight to hear ladies speak of their luxurious experience upon checkout, and how a new standard has been set in their traveling requirements. Seeing repeat customers confidently walk through our doors with a smile of anticipation is confirmation that we are providing novel accommodations to travelers in downtown, Atlanta. We invite you to stay with us and to experience our specialty accommodation floors the next time your travels bring you to Atlanta!

Welcome to the Ellis Hotel, let us surprise you.

For Reservations, please visit Ellishotel.com.



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