9 Sensational Spots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Atlanta

9 Sensational Spots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Atlanta

As the weather cools off, the sweet tooth seems to call out for something special and these eight sweet spots will surely have something for everyone to savor. From donuts to homemade ice cream to delicately crafted delicious sweet Asian rolls to traditional desserts, follow your sweet tooth to downtown Atlanta for some sophisticated sweetness. In or near downtown, Atlanta boasts some of the most scrumptious, mouth-watering delights.

9. Insomnia Cookie

Can’t sleep? Insomnia cookie might be able to help alieve your late night cravings. Open from 10 am until 3 am the cookie shack is located 8 blocks away at 930 Spring Street, Atlanta Georgia 30309. If cookies aren’t your forte they also offer ice cream and ice cream cookie sandwiches. There’s no need for home cooking when they offer delivery, movies and cookies never got easier.

8. The Melting Pot

Located at 754 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, the Melting Pot offers a complete gastric experience serving savory cheese fondues and wines, but they also have a full menu of chocolate fondues. Enjoy their entire menu or zero on what’s really important: Chocolate. Gluten free options are available among the delectable goodness of ten tempting taste treats. For the purest, simple white, milk or dark chocolate fondue is presented with fresh fruit including strawberries, pineapple and bananas, pound cake, brownies, blondies and marshmallow crispy treats. This is a great place for friends to share an evening as autumn leaves are falling. Other dipping options include Yin & Yang, a balanced duo of white and dark chocolate, white chocolate creme brulee, bananas foster and an irresistible selection of liquors to blend with either milk, white or dark chocolate.

7. Southern Candy Company

Located in Underground Atlanta at 112 Lower Alabama Street, Atlanta, GA 30303, the Southern Candy Company is serving up sweets that tantalize the taste buds. This hidden gem houses a feast of goodies from salt water taffy to half a dozen types of pralines. Delicious fudge is carefully crafted with a wide assortment of flavors including cookies and cream, traditional and fruit flavors. They come with and without nuts and each one is beaten smooth and creamy before pouring. They serve all types of nut brittle and are famous for their take on the candy apple and delectable chocolate dipped strawberries. Whatever your chocolate craving needs are, you’re certain to find it here. Pecan log rolls and rich caramel turtles top off the list.

6. Kilwins

Technically in the Atlanta Station area at 1380 Atlantic Dr NW #14160, Atlanta, GA 30363, Kilwins is worth the trip. Handcrafting fine candies since 1947, the candy here is to die for. Creamy caramel turtles of all sorts, tempting toffees and silky smooth truffles that melt in your mouth with a chocolate so rich its beyond compare await. Fudge assortments and a complete menu of caramel apples that cover every imaginable caramel creation. There is caramel corn, caramel corn with peanuts and caramel corn with an assortment of nuts. Nut brittles of all sorts make it hard to choose just one, and chocolate dipped Oreos are always a hit. Salt water taffy and assorted chocolates and creams along with a thoughtful assortment of sugar free candy ensures there is something for everyone.

5. The Atlanta Cupcake Factory

Located at 624 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306, just outside downtown Atlanta is The Atlanta Cupcake Factory. On Huffington Post’s list of America’s top ten cupcakes, it is easy to understand why they are on our list. With enticing flavors of the week and an entire bakery of cupcake staples like good old chocolate, The Atlanta Cupcake Factory also specializes in cakes, rice crispy treats, chocolate espresso brownies, red velvet whoopie pies and pineapple rum bars. The rum bars are so addictive, they come with a warning.

4. Sweet Tooth’s Dessert Bar

Located at 335 Nelson St. Atlanta, GA  30313, Sweet Tooth’s Dessert Bar is a popular after dinner destination. Sweet Tooth’s also serve breakfast so if you need a little some more, grab a grit bowl. Sweet Tooth’s offers cupcakes and cookies and smooth chocolate truffles. But on Fridays, the place goes mad with $5 Fry-days where everything under the sun is fried form doughnuts to funnel cakes and of course, Oreos, patrons can have anything fried for five dollars.

3. Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream

Located just outside downtown at 749 Moreland Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30316, Morelli’s Gourmet Ice Cream serves some of the most creative, unique and surprisingly tasty treats. Rated the 4th best Ice Cream shop just one year after opening in 2008, this ain’t your mother’s ice cream store. The owners have created so many different flavors, they have a “flavor library” listing every flavor. How does Strawberry Rosewater sound? Other creative flavor combinations include Original Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate Chili– no that isn’t a typo– Blueberry Corncake, Ginger Lavender, and Coffee Fudge Brownie are all currently available. Morelli’s have crafted over 200 unique flavors since they opened. Did someone say pie? Yes, they also have cake and pie.

2. Sweet Cheats

Located at 692 Kirkwood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316, Sweet Cheats is heaven on earth, baking flakey pastry and moist cupcakes daily. Ever had a cruffle? This bite sized cake treat on a stick has been dipped in chocolate and comes in twelve irresistible flavors including: Chocolate Dream, Chocolate Champagne and Majestic Malibu. This bakery rocks it out with treats like raspberry shortbread bars, 7 layer bars, brownies, cheesecake and cookies of assorted flavors. One of the most delicious items on the menu are French macaroons. The bakery also has seasonal favorites and with fall arriving, it’s time to bring on the pumpkin.

1. The Sweet Hut

Located at 933 Peachtree St NE #935, Atlanta, GA 30309, the Sweet Hut also serves a complete menu of hot and cold sandwiches, teas of all sorts both hot and cold and savory bakery treats like chicken curry puffs. Mexican Milk Creams, Coconut tarts, Vanilla Butter Cream, Nutella Danish and caterpillars are among the bakery sweets. Cherry Amaretto Donuts, Taro Butterflies, Madame Pies and Pineapple Pastry all with an Asian influence are hard to choose from, especially with so many toothsome temptations to choose from, and that’s just the bakery. Sweet Hut’s cake menu is insane with Blueberry Cakes and Chocolate Ganache cheesecake and an Asian inspired Matcha Cake leading the pack.


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