4 Reasons Why Location is So Important When Choosing a Hotel

Location, location, location. The three sacred L’s of real estate don’t only apply to buying and renting homes; they are also key when choosing a hotel while traveling. In fact, amongst regular business travelers polled, 73 percent said that location was the most important factor in picking where they stay. In order to get the most out of a trip to Atlanta, this holds true and visitors shouldn’t make Atlanta hotel reservations until they’ve zeroed in on a spot close to the attractions they’re interested in seeing or in a central location to many targetted attractions. Most of the city’s attractions are easily accessible from the downtown area, so it follows that looking for downtown Atlanta accommodations will be your best option. Here are some of the reasons why when choosing your hotel in Atlanta, location should be an utmost priority.

Why Hotel Location is Important

  1. Less Hassle, More Fun

When visiting a city, you’re probably going to want to be close to the major attractions the area has to offer. For Atlanta, most of the attractions are all within minutes of the downtown area. Finding downtown Atlanta accommodations puts visitors just a short distance from most of the popular sightseeing destinations, as well as restaurants and entertainment options. It’s less time and hassle getting to all those attractions, which means more fun along the way. Visitors will find that some smaller boutique hotels may even offer special shuttles to major landmarks as a bonus for visitors!

  1. Fewer Transportation Worries

Being in a centrally located hotel also means having to worry less about transportation. If you’ve made Atlanta hotel reservations in the downtown area, most of the city’s top attractions are either a short walk or a quick ride away aboard the Atlanta Streetcar, all but eliminating the added costs of taxis or wasting your vacation away while sitting in traffic.

  1. Better Orientation

It’s much easier to orient yourself when you’re in a central location. By navigating the city yourself either by foot or via public transport, you’ll begin getting to know the area and understanding the layout of the city. Before you know it, you’ll practically be a local.

  1. Dining and Shopping

For most cities, the best of dining and shopping is found in the city center. Choosing a hotel in a downtown area means being very close to all of the city’s extras. In some cases, the hotels themselves are even home to award winning restaurants enjoyed by travelers and locals alike.

Boutique Hotels in Central Locations

Some of the prime pieces of real estate for hotels in Atlanta are occupied by boutique hotels. These small hotels offer a unique experience for visitors, plunging them right into the heart of the city. Boutique hotels, as opposed to the regular hotels which only offer lodgings, are about creating unique experiences.

  • Local Luxury and Charm

Boutique hotels often seek to showcase what’s best about the city they’re located in. They want to share with visitors what makes the city unique and great. It could be anything from local, farm fresh cuisine to historic, traditional charm that embodies the spirit of the city. Most boutique hotels have a theme and give off a personality, whether it’s hip, trendy, modern, romantic, or whimsical.

  • Variety

A regular hotel room is a regular hotel room no matter where you go. Boutique hotels on the other hand come in all flavors, catering to a wide range of interests. There are modern and historical ones, some that offer restaurants, others that allow dogs, or are set up for families or couples. The list goes on and on. Search through boutique hotels and you’re sure to find some amenity that will catch your fancy.

Combining a historic Peachtree Street landmark with its roots in tradition with a chic, stylish boutique dressed to the nines with all the latest modern luxuries, you can’t do wrong by booking your Atlanta accommodations at the Ellis Hotel. As downtown Atlanta’s only independent boutique hotel, the Ellis is like no other in terms of style, comfort and service, exceeding expectations every step of the way. Don’t make a mistake of choosing an Atlanta hotel distant from it all, stay in the heart of downtown by booking your room at the Ellis Hotel today.

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