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7 Ways to Add Some Southern Hospitality to Your Holiday Celebration with a Stay in Atlanta, Ga.

Making plans for the holidays? If those plans include spending some time in Atlanta, you’re in for a treat of sights and sounds like no other. A trip to this Southern jewel is guaranteed to provide families and couples alike with endless entertainment, culture and fun in any season – but especially during the holidays. The city of Atlanta simply sparkles with delightful holiday cheer all season long – hosting a world of traditional events and entertainment offerings that will help you ring Read more [...]

Better Business Travels: How Choosing a Boutique Hotel Can Make All the Difference

When you’re traveling for business purposes, choosing the right accommodations can make all the difference in the outcome of your trip. Staying in a suitable hotel is of the utmost importance if you wish to make a positive impression on clients and associates. Instead of booking a room in a chain facility that caters to a broad demographic with the same cookie cutter experience, why not consider making a reservation at one of the boutique hotels in Atlanta? Boutique hotels have much more to Read more [...]

Are Travelers In Favor of the De-Standardization of the Hotel Industry?

No vacation is quite like another, so why should your hotel accommodations be the same regardless of where you go? While franchise hotel chains focus on creating a “cookie-cutter” experience for travelers no matter where they go, is it really what we want from our hotel suites? According to our most recent survey, “cookie-cutter” accommodations may no longer be cutting it with travelers. In fact, 44% of everyone we surveyed said they would rather seek out the unique travel accommodations Read more [...]