Monthly Archives: May 2014

Boutique Hotels Attracting Younger Americans

The Ellis Hotel, Atlanta’s premier downtown boutique hotel, recently conducted a survey asking 867 Americans ages 18 – 65+ whether they prefer staying in either franchise hotels or boutique hotels. The results (unweighted and weighted to reflect national demographics) showed that 41% of Americans prefer to stay in boutique hotels when choosing a hotel location. After factoring in statistics from different demographics of age and location, some positive trends can be found within the results Read more [...]

Boutique versus Luxury Hotels

Just like boutique shops vs. big-box retailers, boutique hotels are smaller and more intimate than large chain hotels. While everything is downsized in a boutique hotel, that doesn't mean the amenities, facilities and services are necessarily downsized. You can still enjoy a luxurious, personalized, full-service stay at boutique hotels in Atlanta -- without sacrificing anything. What are Boutique Hotels? Boutique hotels are typically classified as those with no more than 125 rooms total, Read more [...]

New Atlanta Streetcar

The new Atlanta streetcar  provides you with an excellent way to experience this Southern city in a way you may never have experienced before. Originating near Peachtree Center, across the street from the Ellis Hotel in downtown Atlanta, the route will take you on a scenic tour of the different points of interest and historic attractions within the city. No stay in Atlanta hotels would be complete without checking out the Atlanta streetcar. From your Atlanta accommodations you can travel from the Read more [...]

Difference Between Boutique Hotels & Franchise Hotels

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between independent boutique hotels and branded franchise hotels? There are some pretty big differences in terms of amenities, location, facilities and services. At the Ellis Hotel, we’re very proud of our independent boutique status, and we’d like to point out what puts boutique hotels a cut above the rest. Personalized and Local Experience Boutique hotels are seeing a renaissance as travelers look for more local, authentic travel experiences. Read more [...]